Untitled #14

Untitled #14

Casetify blue jewelry
£43 – casetify.com

Mens jacket
£37 – kohls.com

POP! Marvel Black Widow with Shield
£7.37 – gamestop.com




DIY Sundays 

Hi guys. Today I am going to do a new thing called DIY Sundays. Today it’s Lego! So I have made some lego cars that I’d like to show you and build. So the first car is this.

This is a caddy.  

Wow! Now the second car is 

 This my own car.  It can fly and drive. Wouldnt’t that be amazing?

The third one is awesome….

Its my own f1 racing car!

The last car is the best!

Love it!!!!  Which one do you like best?