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I’m back!!!

Hi guys I’m back and don’t worry it is not a different person doing it I have gust called it another name because I have two different blogs so if you what my life be on this blog but if you are more art and DIY Euan.

So I am eight years old and life has been pretty good gust now I have an assembly on Friday on time. I also am joining to see wrestling 🤼 with my friend.

I went to see ice hockey 🏑 in February it was not cold but it was amazing I whould recommend it to others. I hope you haved a a lovely weekend!


Euan xxxxx



Boohoo tee dress
£21 –

Boohoo layered dress
£16 –

Sequin costume

Crate and Barrel holiday wall decor
£28 –

Fitz Floyd halloween serveware
£9.75 –

Pumpkin lantern
£12 –

Orange tray
£8.13 –

Halloween home decor
£5.44 –

Wooden home decor
£4.06 –

Halloween home decor
£3.46 –